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Tri-screw extruder, a new era of the plastic machinery industry

Publish Date:2017-09-06

Screw extruder has been considered the most essential extruder, with its continuous improvement and upgrade, single and twin screw extruder are invented. Tri-screw extruder aspired by people decads ago, was published in 2005 by Beijing Zhongxing Xinchuang Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. Which broke the technology barricade. Through various tests and application since the last five years, the machine with good plasticization and dispersion has had a good reputation in rubber and plastic industry. One pair of screw has one meshing point, however three screws with three meshing points, are equivalent to three pairs of twin screw. That is why tri-screw extruder enjoys high shearing efficiency and easy to plasticize.

Any change will meet frustration, so will tri-screw extruder. Banbury tri-screw extruder breaks with convention, does not adopt high mixer, but its mixing efficiency outperforms a combination of one mixer plus a twin screw extruder. The good property of tri-screw extruder definitely was doubted by people in popularization, once customers use it, they love to use it.

In addition, the key part of the tri-screw extruder is gear box, however the key part of the gear box is the small gear of output screw shaft and its axle. For the short center distance and certain modulu must be matched with certain number of teeth not less than 14, so formidable questions are met in design, material selecting for machine, and process. These subtle changes embody the core technology of tri-screw extruder. 

The market sales practice about 5 years proved the machine’s superior performance, it is especially suitable to produce raw material for high class plastic, appreciated by t

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